Sealant materials have various advantages according to the type, and are provided with various functions as advantages of the film.

Antistatic grade AS Series    L140R
Film provided with antistatic function exhibits stable sealant function and prevents trouble during processing due to static charge produced in the case of electronic component packaging, or when refilling dried powdered or flake contents.
Specifications Thickness: 40μm - 100μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

Antifogging grade NC Series    L140NC
Polyethylene film with antifogging function works as sealant film for antifogging packaging, and by keeping moisture content high and quality of the contents stored in a frozen state, which enhances market value of the packaged product.
Specifications Thickness: 40μm - 60μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

Low/no additive grade    N290
This grade, with no additives or minimal additives such as antioxidants or lubricant, is particularly used for applications strict about contamination of package contents by elution, taste and odor.
Specifications Thickness: 40μm - 80μm, Width: 700mm - 1000mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

Easy tearing grade    V972
Low temperature sealing polyethylene film with superior tearing properties
Specifications Thickness: 40μm - 150μm, Width: 700mm - 1100mm,
Lengths: 1000m - 4000m

We can consider developing new products for customers according to their needs.