What is polyethylene laminating film (sealant laminating film)?

Polyethylene film

Polyethylene [-(C2H4)n-] consists of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H); and it contains no nitrogen (N), sulfur (S) or chlorine (CL).
Because polyethylene film is economical, easy to process for heat sealing, and features good steam sealing properties, it is often used for applications such as food packaging. It also does not produce toxic fumes when burned.

What is polyethylene laminating film?

Our products are used as packaging materials that can be found in homes and storefronts. packaging materials
Polyethylene laminating film is used for the most inner layer of packaging materials.

For example, let's take a look at a cross section of a toothpaste tube.
If you look close, you can see the tube consisting of multiple layers of film. "Lamination" is the act of applying multiple layers of film to each other with adhesives. Laminated films are compressed by heating (heat sealed). This forms a hermetic seal to prevent transformation of properties or odor of contents from leaking outside the package. The film that can be heat sealed in this way is called "sealant film. " This product, commonly called "polyethylene laminating film," is also referred to as "sealant laminating film ," because it can be heat sealed for use as a film for lamination.

The function of each layer of the toothpaste tube is as shown in the following figure.
layer of the toothpaste tube Toothpaste requires packaging materials with high barrier properties in order to preserve the active ingredients and prevent the odor of the contents from stripping. As well as The function that allows the contents to be used to the end without waste is also requuired.
In order to satisfy these demands, a laminated tube made of layers of films with various function for each is created.