SUZULON L, as sealant material, has a wide variety of products by combining various types of barrier materials to add diverse functions.

Antistatic properties:
Offers superior antistatic properties so contents do not adhere to the film.

Polyethylene film is provided with antistatic function. The antistatic effect remains intact even after lamination.

Antifogging properties:
Contents are clearly visible with no fogging

Fog on the polyethylene due to condensation of steam in the air is eliminated immediately and continuously.

Minimal odor / taste properties:
Controls odor and taste so they do not transfer to the contents

Minimizes odor and taste caused by oxidation and low molecular weight elements of polyethylene film.

Low / no additives:
Contents not affected by additives

Contents are not affected by film additives.

Easy tearing properties (easy tearing / opening):
Bags can be easily opened by straight tearing.

Bags are provided with easy tearing function so anyone can easily open them.