What is SUZULON L ?

polyethylene laminating filmIn terms of function and attentiveness to detail, packaging materials made in Japan are considered the highest quality in the world. Laminated films bond many functional layers to form various packaging materials. The inner most layer which is in contact with the content is the Sealant film. The Sealant layer acts to preserve and protect the content as well as providing the best heat seal properties to form bags. This inner most layer is considered to be the most important of multi-layered laminated films.

SUZULON L is a sealant laminating film created using state-of-the-art processing technology under strict quality control. Customers' diverse requirements are satisfied by combining sealant with various types of barrier materials in order to create various functions.

Aicello and SUZULON L

inflation forming methodAICELLO CORPORATION started producing polyethylene film using the inflation forming method in 1955. The company subsequently attempted to produce polyethylene laminating film (sealant film). SUZULON L was placed on the market in 1974, and over the subsequent 37 years, the company has accumulated its own unique technologies.
Aicello has repeatedly conducted research and development to respond to a variety of market requirements and has evolved SUZULON L dramatically as a highly-functional sealant film. Aicello aims to become the leading producer of laminating film using the wide-variety, small lot production and the inflation forming method highly capable of adding functions.